Robert Holder
VFX and Feature Animation Technical Director; Dreamworks Animation

I first had the good fortune and great pleasure to work with Steve Khoury on Disney's film, 'The Wild,' in Toronto, Canada. Steve has become a valued colleague ever since.
Steve is a proactive, energetic and hard working professional, and has the ability to rise to any challenge set before him. On top of these qualities, he has the presence to inspire those around him to strive for and achieve excellence.
Modern film production involves the orchestration and focus of many disciplines - challenges include the understanding and application of traditional methods and also the ability to exploit new emerging technologies. It is precisely in such an environment that Steve shines. Steve flourishes in areas involving imaginative testing and analysis, and his skills are complemented by effective communication skills, both within and between teams and departments. Steve has a gift for inspiring a collaborative effort amongst colleagues, and his ability to encourage innovation and efficiency inevitably results in the reaching of targets and goals. This is proven over and over again.
The most obvious and important aspect of Steve is his articulate understanding of business - both within the media industry and more broadly outside. His experience in Fund Capital raising, Construction and the Emerging Tech markets for example, have helped underpin not only his own success in the wider business world, but have also led many colleagues to successfully branch into similar avenues.
Steve's inspiration and practical business advice has lead directly to various personal ventures of my own, which involve both private and collaborative entities which continue to grow, most notably those in the United States real estate sector.
I highly value Steve's insight, his experience, and above all his remarkable inspiration and judgement. I highly recommend Steve Khoury's services.