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Sam Zughbaba
Owner, ActionCoach

I’ve known Steven Khoury for many years and have had the fortune of mentoring him in the United States and Australia.
Steven’s ability to research, evolve and take charge of given roles has proven successful to his partners and international business affiliates. He has a solid understanding of media, film and production industries and has continued to exceed expectations by moving into strategic alliances and development roles within corporate sectors and international trade. Highly recommend his services for any company who wish to strengthen their presence, branding, or who would like to form a successful tie-in to an affiliate service provider.

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Sami Raheb
Owner, Cyndan Chemicals

Cyndan is a developer and manufacturer of chemical solutions for the hospitality, automotive, mining, cleaning and agriculture industries.
The task of revitalising our image to strengthen our existing successful brand was paramount. We tasked Steven Khoury to create a corporate campaign, with a special emphasis on a film product that could be used in various marketing agendas.
He delivered. Needless to say, we are exceptionally happy with the product and its results.
I highly recommend his services and expertise.

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Chris Parkinson
Owner, Cre8 Media

I have known Steve since 1998. In that time, I have witnessed his technical and creative skills, and his achievements flourish far beyond those of his peers. His exceptional business sense, drive, and commitment is evident through his media and film work, and his management of Red Nova Media.
It is a rare thing to have both creative talent and a head for business. Steve, to his credit, has both. This enables him to meet his clients needs, so they’re respective companies are represented professionally and faithfully.

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Benjamin Hay
Owner, Clear Choice Window Cleaning Pty Ltd

Steve and I have been connected via several projects over the years.
While Steve has an extensive history in Film and Media, his experience incorporates business strategy and has been very successful in a number of enterprises. His drive to help others attain similar results is incredibly infectious and he has contributed successfully to several of my business interests. His ability to create responsive teams, lead and deliver is exceptional.
If your organization has growth targets and you want to accelerate and realize them, contact Steve & rednovamedia.

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Ozan Amir
CEO – Podiatric Surgery Centre

Sydney, Australia

I have been dealing with Rednova staff now for 5 years. Our initial project involved the production of a corporate video and advertising material. The professionalism, attention to detail, the background work required by Rednova to understand my field of work and personal contact was exceptional.

My recent project was the development of a website by Rednova and all the aspects regarding website optimisation and Internet marketing. The staff at Rednova truly went beyond my expectations. The professionalism and continual personal contact had not changed. Knowing my busy schedule, Rednova put much of the written material together. They were spot on regarding the content. They then added content into several business directories and full-filled what I needed for a comprehensive web presence.

I recommend Rednova very highly, and it would be my pleasure to use them again.

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