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Jeremy Spencer
Project Manager; Trion Worlds Inc

Producer; Sony Games San Diego

I had the privilege of working with Steven Khoury as his Direct Report at Brilliant Interactive Ideas in 1999.

Steve was a strong player right from the start. In those days we were in the early stages of Content creation, for TV Commercials, Films, Web and so much more.

In 2000, Steve was promoted to Head of Technical Services and later joined the Motion Capture Department supervising effort both on set and studio. His ability to think creatively, coupled with his business acumen has always been amazing.

Highly recommend his services and that of RednovaMedia.

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DJ Nicke
Disney Animator

I’ve known Steven Khoury since 1997.
Steve’s an inspiration to work with and has tremendous business drive.
In 1998, we worked together on new game technology for Enemy Infestation. Since then, he has gone on to work in Media sectors, Feature Films, TV commercials, TV series and Web development. In more recent times, he has been instrumental in emerging technology sectors, such as Cyber security and being a part of a team that first introduced Biometric security to Australia.
He continues to evolve, moving into new and emerging markets, introducing solutions to his clients.
He has an unstoppable determination to give his clients favorable results.

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Kit Devine
Digital 3D TD
Lecturer; Australian National University

I’ve known Steven Khoury since 1999.
I had the privilege of supervising Steve on a number of challenging media projects. First at Ambience Entertainment – now part of the OmniLab Group, for a children’s animated TV series, client: Stardust Entertainment Germany. Later, again as his Lead at Photon VFX, working on Films, ‘Inspector Gadget, Ghostship and Lost In Oz’.
I enjoyed mentoring him in those days and became friends, a bonus in this day and age.
He has continued to expand into new markets, helping to advance new media tech solutions for corporate and private sectors.
As a lecturer at Australian National University, I’m delighted when we touch base, discussing new and emerging tech solutions taking place internationally. Also, as a founding member and executive of the Digital Labourers Federation, its always a plus to speak with industry experts such as Steve Khoury.
I’m delighted to recommend him highly as a media and business strategist.

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Jim Dodd
Technical Director
Animal Logic, Sydney Australia

I’ve worked with Steven Khoury on a number of international Film projects at Animal Logic Australia, CFC Framestore United Kingdom and also in the early days at Brilliant Interactive Ideas in Sydney.
Steven has a distinct eye for detail and is remarkably adept at streamlining production and supporting team effectiveness with practical and creative solutions.
Over the years, I’ve watched Steve complete many Film challenges and noticed his successful crossover into corporate sectors, helping advance tech and new media solutions in emerging markets.
I highly recommend his services.

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Simon Bunker
Technical Director
Lighting TD at Animal Logic


I’ve worked with Steven Khoury on Harry Potter and AVP, at Cinesite London United Kingdom.
Underneath the laid back exterior, he’s very professional, incredibly hard working and excellent at supervising teams while keeping morale positive.
In recent years he’s moved into corporate, medical and emerging tech market sectors, turning ideas into a proven solutions. From Media to Venture Capital fund raising industries, he has an ability to balance and deliver to his partners.
I would enjoy working with him again and recommend his unique services.

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Jeff Ranasinghe
Digital Effects Supervisor at Method Studios

Consultant – CCAPDW Real Estate Fundless

I had the privilege of working with Steven Khoury, as a Supervisor at Vanguard Animation United Kindom and as a Lead at CORE Feature Animation, Toronto Canada.
Steve and I would brainstorm ideas, test and measure results, implement strategies, helping to keep production on time, and on budget.
Being business minded, I was delighted to find a kindred spirit with Steve. We would discuss Entrepreneurial pursuits, Construction and Emerging Market opportunities. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled at building production work teams and forging strong business alliances. Our many stimulating conversations have led to successful ventures in the Housing and Construction sectors in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, for example.
Steve has a refreshing approach to finding solutions and possesses a strong business focus. To this day I still discuss new ideas with Steve, drawing on his experience and keen instincts. I very much look forward to working together again on our next adventure!

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Robert Holder
VFX and Feature Animation Technical Director; Dreamworks Animation

I first had the good fortune and great pleasure to work with Steve Khoury on Disney’s film, ‘The Wild,’ in Toronto, Canada. Steve has become a valued colleague ever since.
Steve is a proactive, energetic and hard working professional, and has the ability to rise to any challenge set before him. On top of these qualities, he has the presence to inspire those around him to strive for and achieve excellence.
Modern film production involves the orchestration and focus of many disciplines – challenges include the understanding and application of traditional methods and also the ability to exploit new emerging technologies. It is precisely in such an environment that Steve shines. Steve flourishes in areas involving imaginative testing and analysis, and his skills are complemented by effective communication skills, both within and between teams and departments. Steve has a gift for inspiring a collaborative effort amongst colleagues, and his ability to encourage innovation and efficiency inevitably results in the reaching of targets and goals. This is proven over and over again.
The most obvious and important aspect of Steve is his articulate understanding of business – both within the media industry and more broadly outside. His experience in Fund Capital raising, Construction and the Emerging Tech markets for example, have helped underpin not only his own success in the wider business world, but have also led many colleagues to successfully branch into similar avenues.
Steve’s inspiration and practical business advice has lead directly to various personal ventures of my own, which involve both private and collaborative entities which continue to grow, most notably those in the United States real estate sector.
I highly value Steve’s insight, his experience, and above all his remarkable inspiration and judgement. I highly recommend Steve Khoury’s services.

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Christos Obretenov
Senior Lighting Technical Director
C.O.R.E Feature Animation, Canada
Owner, Lollipop Shaders

I first met Steve Khoury while working on the Disney feature film The Wild in Toronto Canada, and subsequently we were colleagues again at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles on the feature film project Spider-Man 3.
Steve brings with him high quality feature film experience to the team, while being very enthusiastic about advanced lighting and shading techniques.
Beyond those hands-on technical and artistic traits, he is very keen on the business side of feature film and animation production, and even further beyond that with other media ventures. We’ve had many conversations about applications of the artistry and technology we bring to the feature film pipeline, and in particular his ideas and keen business insights have guided me in such entrepreneurial ventures as the launch of my own business.
I look forward to working with Steve on a future feature film or entrepreneurial project, and would highly recommend him as a hands-on artist and technical director, as well as business consultant in media related ventures.

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Priyes Shah
Senior Technical Director

Senior Lighter; DreamWorks Animation

I have known Steve for over 9 years over various projects that we have worked on together as listed in the following companies:

  • Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London, UK.
  • Vanguard Animation, London, UK.
  • C.O.R.E. Feature Animation, Toronto, Canada.
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks, Culver City, USA.

He is the one person who showed me the ropes when I first joined the VFX industry and over time relentlessly made sure that more people were business savvy in the world of VFX. He managed to do this without asking for anything in return and this made him an extremely humble human being.
As a VFX artist he is always chasing perfection in all the images he creates and has the ability to motivate people around him to achieve their best.
He is one of the hardest working people in anything he decides to do and manages to go beyond anyone’s expectations and achieve results in more than adequate and timely manner.

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